Dubai Opens Its Doors Wider to Indian Tourists with a New Five-Year Visa

Dubai Opens Its Doors Wider to Indian Tourists with a New Five-Year Visa

Dubai rolls out a welcoming carpet for Indian tourists with a brand-new five-year multiple entry visa. Find out how this move aims to strengthen ties and make travel hassle-free for Indians looking to explore the vibrant city.

In a move set to bring smiles to many Indian travellers, Dubai has rolled out a red carpet in the form of a new five-year multiple-entry visa. 

This decision is a game-changer for those looking to freely explore the dazzling cityscapes, historic souks, and serene beaches of Dubai.

A Friendly Gesture for Easier Visits

Understanding the essence of hassle-free travel, Dubai’s latest visa policy is a nod towards making trips smoother for Indian visitors, who have consistently topped the charts of the emirate’s international tourist arrivals.

With two to five business days processing time, the new visa ensures that Indians can plan their Dubai adventures without the usual visa acquisition headaches.

What You Need to Know About the Visa

The visa is not just a paper document but a key to unlocking up to 90 days of exploration in Dubai, with a one-time extension possibility that doubles the joy to 180 days within a year. 

For those eager to embark on this journey, a checklist awaits:

  1. A passport that will not expire in the next six months,
  2. A bank account that reflects a balance of at least INR 330,000 ($4,000) over the last six months,
  3. Health insurance to keep you covered,
  4. Round-trip flight tickets, and
  5. A recent photo of yourself.

Indians Lead the Way to Dubai

The bond between India and Dubai has only grown stronger over the years, with 2023 witnessing a record-breaking 2.5 million Indian visitors. 

This surge reflects Dubai’s enduring allure and cements India’s role in the emirate’s ambitious plans to become a global nexus for business and leisure.

Enhanced Air Connectivity

The skies between India and Dubai are busier than ever, thanks to airlines ramping up their services to meet the rising demand. 

New routes to cities like Surat and an impressive tally of 108 weekly flights from Indigo alone make the dream of visiting Dubai a reality for many more Indians.

Streamlining the Journey

In an innovative step, Emirates Airline and VFS Global have introduced a visa-on-arrival service for Indians with valid visas or residencies in the US, UK, or EU. 

This forward-thinking initiative is set to cut down waiting times at Dubai International Airport, making the entry process as smooth as Dubai’s famed desert sands.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Dubai’s introduction of the five-year multiple entry visa for Indians is more than a policy update; it is a message of warmth and welcome. 

By easing travel restrictions and boosting connectivity, Dubai is inviting tourists and paving the way for more profound cultural and economic exchanges. 

This gesture is poised to strengthen the ties between India and Dubai, promising memorable experiences for travellers and new horizons for bilateral relations.

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