101 BEST Places to Visit in Jeddah - Complete Guide

30 BEST Places to Visit in Jeddah – Complete Guide

Explore Jeddah’s best spots: cool beaches, old markets, and shiny skyscrapers. Find out where to go and what to see in our easy, fun guide to Jeddah’s top 101 places!

Hey Everyone!

So, we are talking about Jeddah today.

You know, that city in Saudi Arabia where something cool always happens?

This amazing place is where you can see old-school stuff like historic buildings right next to these huge, shiny skyscrapers.

And guess what?

It is also where lots of people head off to Mecca.

I am going to show you the 30 coolest places in Jeddah.

We have everything: spots where you can learn a bit of history, awesome beaches to relax on, and markets where you can shop and eat until you drop.

It is like Jeddah has one foot in the past and the other in the future, which is neat.

Grab your sneakers, and let us start exploring.

I cannot wait to share why Jeddah should be on your travel list!


Dive into the heart of Jeddah’s history at Al-Balad, the city’s old town, renowned for its traditional coral-block architecture and bustling souks.

My trip to Jeddah’s old quarter, Al Balad, was quite the experience!

My friends and I were keen to check it out, but finding a guide took much work.

So, we just jumped in a taxi and decided to wing it.

Our first day there was a bummer.

We ended up in shabby parts and did not need to figure out where the good stuff was.

However, hey, we are not the type to give up easily.

We returned the next day with some advice from locals and, wow, what a difference!

We stumbled upon these beautiful old streets and buildings that had been done up.

It was a shame the museums were shut, but just walking around and soaking in the atmosphere was awesome.

There is something cool about Al Balad.

It is like stepping back in time – the place has been around since the 7th century!

Finding a parking spot was a mission, but everything was just a stroll away once we did.

Sure, the area has much construction, with scaffolding everywhere, but you can tell it will be amazing when it is all done.

Al Balad might not be your typical picture-perfect spot, but it has its own charm.

Our guide was not much help, but we still loved the vibe of this old town.

It is a place to visit, especially if you are heading to the incredible Al Ula!

Red Sea Mall

It is a premier shopping destination that blends luxury retail with entertainment options, making it a must-visit for shopping enthusiasts.

I had a blast at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah!

It is a shopping heaven with all the big brands, and the food is amazing.

The place is huge, but it is super clean and never feels too crowded.

Staying open till 1 am is a big plus – I love that I can shop late into the night.

It is also near the seafront, so getting there is a breeze.

They have a massive food court with all kinds of food, a cinema, and a play area for kids.

This mall has everything, whether hanging out with family, meeting friends, or just chilling by yourself.

Just a heads up – it is easy to get turned around because it is so big, so remember where you came in.

If you are in Jeddah, you must check out the Red Sea Mall!

King Fahd’s Fountain

Witness the world’s tallest fountain, King Fahd’s Fountain, an iconic landmark of Jeddah that spectacularly jets water up to 260 meters high.

You have got to check out the fountain in Jeddah at night!

It is a cool sight with all the lights – perfect for some great photos.

The fountain lights up only in the evening, which is worth watching.

The place is super clean and great for a chilled-out walk.

Sure, it gets crowded, but the sunset views are amazing.

It is a hit with families, too, with playgrounds and restaurants nearby.

It is especially nice in the winter months when it is not so humid.

Trust me, you do not want to miss this – it is peaceful, pretty, and just an awesome place to spend an evening in Jeddah.

Jeddah Corniche

Stroll along the Jeddah Corniche, a picturesque waterfront promenade offering stunning Red Sea views, recreational areas, and art installations.

I loved my evening walks in Jeddah Corniche. 

The waterfront is just perfect for a chilled-out stroll. 

It is clean and always buzzing with families and locals enjoying the cool sea breeze. 

My favorite part was grabbing a coffee or a quick bite while watching the stunning sunset.

The place comes to life in the evenings. 

Whether you are into jogging, biking, or just sitting back and relaxing, it has something for everyone. 

There are many coffee shops and restaurants, so it is a great spot to hang out, especially if you have kids.

The walkways along the coast are just lovely. 

They are well-maintained and offer some beautiful views of the sea. 

It is especially nice when it is not too hot in the late afternoon or evening. 

In winter, it is even more peaceful and pretty.

Just a heads-up for the ladies – make sure to dress modestly. 

Moreover, you are in for a treat if you visit with family. 

The area has been recently spruced up, and it is really impressive. 

It is worth checking out when you are in Jeddah.

Al Rahma Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque, floating over the Red Sea, is an architectural marvel and a serene place for reflection and worship.

I had the chance to see the floating mosque at the Jeddah Corniche, and wow, it is incredible, especially during sunset!

The way the sun dips into the sea, with the mosque in the foreground, is stunning.

It is not just about how it looks; this peaceful vibe is hard to describe.

The place is super clean and well-designed.

Even though there was some construction around, it stayed within the experience.

Moreover, there are some nice restaurants nearby, which is a plus.

Seeing the mosque lit up at night is something else.

It looks like it is floating on water – such a cool sight!

It is worth checking out, even if you are passing by.

Praying in the open area of the mosque was an experience I will not forget.

There is something special about it, with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves.

It is one of those moments that stay with you.

Moreover, this place is a must-visit if you love sunsets like I do.

Just chilling there with friends and family, watching the sun go down, does not get much better!

Al Tayebat International City

Explore Saudi Arabia’s heritage at Al Tayebat International City, a museum complex showcasing artifacts, manuscripts, and architectural styles.

I just had to share about this awesome museum I visited in Jeddah. 

This hidden treasure is filled with cool Islamic artifacts and bits of Saudi history. 

The place is huge, spread over four floors, and each one is packed with interesting stuff. 

You have got rooms set up like in old times, some neat modern art, and these epic historical scenes.

The building is something to see – it has this amazing architecture. 

Moreover, it is not just a quick walk-through kind of place. 

You will want to spend a good chunk of time here, more than a day, to take it all in. 

I also saw many school kids learning about their culture, which was cool.

They have everything from old books and pottery to a guide who knows everything there. 

It is also known as the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, and they have done a great job showing what life used to be like in Saudi Arabia.

The place is clean and well-maintained; they even have some tasty food. 

It is perfect if you are into history or want to see something different. 

Seriously, if you are in Jeddah, you have got to check it out. 

It is like a trip back in time and a neat way to learn about the culture and history of the region.

Mall of Arabia

The Mall of Arabia offers a comprehensive shopping experience with its vast international brands, dining options, and entertainment facilities.

I had a great time at the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah.

It is huge and perfect for a day of shopping.

They have a fantastic selection of perfumes and many snack options – I loved the tea and Belgian waffles.

The mall is easy to find and great for a long stroll.

There is a big food court with many different food choices, plus familiar coffee places like Starbucks.

It is well laid out, so finding your way around is easy.

What I like about this mall is how well everything is organized.

The food options are awesome, both in the food court and the other restaurants.

Plus, it is bright and welcoming; you do not get that smell of food everywhere.

It is close to Jeddah Airport’s South Terminal, so it is convenient for some last-minute shopping.

They have got a mix of high-end and more affordable brands.

It is also great for families – they have places like KidZania for the kids.

Biet Nassif

Discover Jeddah’s cultural history at Biet Nassif, an iconic 19th-century Al-Balad mansion now serving as a cultural center and museum.

I checked out Nasseef House in the old part of Jeddah, Al-Balad, which was fascinating.

It is this historical museum that dives into Saudi history and culture.

The place is over 150 years old and was designed by a Turkish architect, which adds to its charm.

It is the spot to hit if you are exploring old Jeddah.

The house has been beautifully restored and is packed with cool art and exhibits.

It is more than just a building; it is a trip back in time.

Nasseef House is one of those places you cannot miss.

It is a perfect blend of education and a spiritual journey.

It is among the oldest buildings in Al Balad and even recognized by UNESCO.

The architecture is classic Hijazi style – great for anyone in Arab history or architecture.

The area around Nasseef House is steeped in history and super interesting, but the opening hours can be a bit hit or miss.

It is a good idea to check before you go.

Moreover, for solo female travelers, be cautious around the district.

However, seriously, if you are in Jeddah, you have got to see this place.

It is like stepping into another era!

Gabel Street Souq

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Gabel Street Souq, a traditional market where you can find everything from spices to handicrafts.

I had a chance to wander around Gabel Street in the old part of Jeddah, and it is such a cool place!

This old commercial street still has loads of character, even with all the modern malls popping up in Jeddah.

Walking down the street, you will find alleys covered by the sun, many shops selling everything from spices to traditional clothes, and some great old-style fish restaurants.

It is like stepping back in time.

Nearby, there are newer malls where you can grab good deals on clothes, shoes, and sunglasses.

Moreover, you have got to check out the perfumes and frankincense – they are just amazing.

Gabel Street is where to get a real feel for Jeddah’s history and souk vibe.

It is a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the city’s true essence.

Fakieh Aquarium

Dive into the underwater world at Fakieh Aquarium, showcasing a diverse range of marine life and offering educational insights into aquatic ecosystems.

I had a great blast at the Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah!

It is a spot for family time with children or friends; if you are an aquatic lover, it will be easy to understand the concepts.

They have an amazing collection of sea animals – sharks, tropical fish, big fishes, small fishes, and even eels.

The dolphin show is the show’s real star; super entertaining and educational, too.

You will laugh out loud.

The place is a dream for kids and aquatic lovers like me.

Moreover, when it is time for a break, there is a decent restaurant and a spot to relax outdoors.

It is ideal for school trips, college trips, and family outings.

Kids go nuts for it, and you will have a good time, too!

Al Salam Mall

It is a family-friendly shopping and entertainment destination featuring a variety of retail stores, eateries, and leisure activities.

I went to this mall in Jeddah and loved it!

It is huge, super clean, and bright – totally a favorite spot of mine now.

They have loads of shops, restaurants, and a cool food court.

It is perfect for a day out with family or friends.

What is awesome is that it is not just about shopping; there is plenty of entertainment, too.

The prices are decent, and they have got this place called Danube that’s a big hit.

I also found a hypermarket inside, which is super convenient.

There, you will find various brands, including luxury, everyday stuff, and famous restaurants.

It is a one-stop shop for everything you need.

Moreover, if you are hunting for something specific and cannot find it anywhere else in Jeddah, chances are you will find it here.

The mall is big enough for a good long walk, has lots of parking, and is a great place to grab a bite.

I recommend checking it out if you are in the area!

Jeddah Flagpole

Admire the Jeddah Flagpole, one of the tallest in the world, proudly flying the Saudi flag, symbolizing the city’s pride and heritage.

I saw the world’s tallest flagpole in Jeddah, and it is seriously cool!

It is right in the city’s heart and lights the night sky.

Standing at 171 meters, it is a real symbol of pride for the city.

Driving by is quite a sight, especially at night when it is all lit up.

It is near many restaurants and always seems to be in the middle of all the action.

On Saudi National Day, the place is buzzing with people.

It is one of those landmarks in Jeddah you cannot miss – it makes you appreciate the city’s grandeur.

Silver Sands Beach

Its serene, private beach offers pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and a perfect escape from the city’s hustle.

I visited this beach near Jeddah, and it is a hidden gem!

It is out of the way and tricky to find, but once you are there, it is like being in the Caribbean.

Gorgeous white sand, clear water, palm trees – just beautiful.

It is a great place for a chill day, especially for ladies who want to relax freely.

It is pricey, and you need to book in advance.

It is a private beach, so not everyone can walk in.

They have some water activities, and the vibe is super relaxed and family-friendly.

They might ask for your passport at the gate, which can be off-putting.

However, honestly, the beach is so worth it.

If you are in Jeddah and looking for a beach day, this is the place to go.

Just kick back, soak up the sun, and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Bicycle Square

Bicycle Square, known for its enormous bicycle sculpture, is a popular landmark symbol of Jeddah’s commitment to art and culture.

We visited the Bicycle Roundabout in Jeddah, a unique historical monument.

It is this huge bicycle sculpture at a roundabout, a symbol of Jeddah’s past.

Locals love it – they even saved it from being removed.

It is old and could use fresh paint, but it is still a cool landmark.

It is near the souqs, easy to spot, and great for a quick selfie.

The area has been spruced up recently, but new construction might hide it.

Since it is super busy, you must continue for photos, but it is worth checking out if you are driving by.

The best time to see it is early morning on weekends.

It is not a typical tourist spot, but it adds to Jeddah’s charm.

Makkah Gate

The historic Makkah Gate, an ancient city entrance, is a testament to Jeddah’s historical significance as the gateway to Mecca.

We checked out the Makkah Gate, or Quran Gate, on the Jeddah–Makkah Highway

This impressive arch marks the entrance to Makkah, about 27 km from the Grand Mosque. 

Built in 1979, it is a symbol for the city and a boundary marker – non-Muslims cannot go past it. 

The gate’s massive, covering eight lanes of traffic, and it has these cool patterns that light up at night. 

The Makkah Gate is more modern and a real landmark on the way to the holy city. 

It is amazing to see, especially when it is all lit up in the evenings. 

So, if you are driving towards Makkah from Jeddah, it is worth a stop for a quick photo. 

Even if it is not a typical tourist spot, it is a key piece of the area’s history and interesting to check out.

Jeddah Water Front Park

Enjoy leisurely walks, beach activities, and beautiful sunset views at Jeddah Waterfront Park, a rejuvenated public space along the Red Sea.

Strolling along the Jeddah Waterfront, you are greeted by the serene expanse of the Red Sea.

This sprawling, well-maintained public space, free of charge, offers a refreshing escape.

Families flock here, children laughing as they play on the swings and slides.

The aroma of coffee and snacks wafts through the air from quaint mini-bars.

For the active, it is a haven with jogging paths, cycling tracks, and a welcoming area for swimmers, complete with vigilant lifeguards.

Restaurants and cafes are plentiful, serving a variety of treats.

Although popular and sometimes bustling, especially on weekends and holidays, the waterfront retains a sense of peace and order.

It is a slice of tranquility in Jeddah, perfect for unwinding, socializing, and soaking in the beauty of the Red Sea.

Khadija Baghlaf Mosque

Admire the architectural beauty of Khadija Baghlaf Mosque, a contemporary place of worship known for its elegant design and serene ambiance.

The Khadija Baghlaf Mosque in Jeddah is a real gem.

It is huge and always spotless.

It is tucked away in a neighborhood, but once you find it, you will see how busy it gets, especially during Friday prayers or Ramadan.

What is cool about it is that it is not just a place to pray; they have all these lectures and classes going on, which is great for anyone looking to learn more.

Parking can be a headache because it is such a popular spot.

However, it is so peaceful and pretty inside that it is worth the hassle.

Aziz Mall

Aziz Mall offers a delightful shopping experience with its wide range of retail outlets, dining choices, and entertainment options for the whole family.

The Mall in Jeddah is a hit! 

It is located on Arbayeen Street, which is perfect because it is in the heart of Jeddah. 

The prices in the shops are reasonable, and it has this Hyper Panda supermarket where you can get all your groceries. 

There is also a cool amusement park section for kids and a food court, which is great for family outings. 

Plus, it is clean and well-organized, creating a pleasant shopping experience. 

It gets busy during Ramadan, especially after Isha prayers, but going for a stroll or some window shopping with the family is still nice.

Bounce Jeddah

Unleash your energy at Bounce Jeddah, an indoor trampoline park and recreational center that promises fun for all ages.

Bounce Jeddah is fun, clean, and safe for all ages. Great for families, friends, and parties.

Staff are friendly and helpful, providing a lively and energetic atmosphere.

Ideal for active, fun, and memorable experiences.

Hassan Enany Mosque

Hassan Enany Mosque stands out for its exquisite Islamic architecture and serves as a peaceful retreat for prayer and contemplation.

Hassan Enany Mosque in Jeddah is a peaceful and beautiful, spacious mosque near the King’s Fountain on the Corniche.

It is known for its large dome and serene setting, offering plenty of parking space, especially if you arrive early.

The mosque is surrounded by gardens and walking areas, making it a tranquil spot for families.

There is also a kids’ corner with various toys and games.

It is important to remember that mosques are places for prayer and tranquility, not tourist attractions.

Visitors appreciate the mosque’s cleanliness, calmness, and beautiful location by the sea.

Darat Safeya Bizagr

Explore contemporary Saudi art at Darat Safeya Bizagr, a gallery promoting local artists and their diverse artworks.

Darat Safeya Binzagr in Jeddah is a renowned art gallery showcasing the works of the acclaimed Saudi artist Safeya Binzagr

This cultural hub offers a journey through Saudi heritage, featuring various themed spaces. 

These include the nuptial series, children’s games collection, fishing and hunting series, and depictions of daily activities and occupations.

The gallery also displays a vast array of media like watercolors, pastels, graphics, traditional costumes, and jewelry.

Visitors appreciate the gallery’s representation of Jeddah’s past and rapidly evolving cityscape.

It is a must-see destination for art enthusiasts and those interested in Saudi Arabian culture and heritage.

Additionally, the gallery occasionally hosts visiting exhibitions from local and international artists.

Globe Roundabout

The Globe Roundabout is an iconic landmark in Jeddah, featuring a striking globe sculpture that symbolizes the city’s global connections.

The Globe Roundabout in Jeddah is an iconic landmark, best viewed at night when lit up.

It is hard to access due to heavy traffic and is not a typical tourist spot, but it is an interesting sight to see while driving by.

It is known for its large globe structure and stands as a city symbol.

It could use better maintenance.

Haifaa Mall

Haifaa Mall is a modern shopping center offering a variety of international and local brands, dining options, and family entertainment.

Haifa Mall in Jeddah is a mid-sized, single-floor mall with various shops, including fashion and cosmetics.

It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and family-friendly environment.

The mall has a food court with various options, a children’s play area, and occasionally hosts events.

It is praised for its convenient location and is considered an average mall suitable for quick shopping trips and family outings.

Step into Athr Gallery, a leading contemporary art space in Jeddah, showcasing innovative artworks by emerging and established artists.

Athr Gallery in Jeddah is renowned for its contemporary art, particularly showcasing young Saudi artists. 

It provides an excellent platform for emerging talents and thought-provoking art that reflects Saudi society. 

The gallery is spacious with a modern, open concrete “warehouse” style. 

It often hosts artist exhibitions, talks, and other events. 

A must-visit for art enthusiasts, it is a significant contributor to the contemporary art scene in Saudi Arabia. 

The gallery is led by passionate art patrons Hamza Serafi and Mohammed Hafiz, supported by a dynamic team.

It is a unique art space that blends cultural heritage with modern art, offering a range of artworks and creative souvenirs.

Gallery One in Jeddah, located in the Red Sea Mall, is a franchise gallery offering a unique and diverse range of prints, cards, and artworks.

This relatively new addition to Jeddah’s art scene provides gifts and souvenirs for various occasions.

Customers appreciate the gallery’s modern and unique Middle-Eastern artwork, high-quality pieces, and fair prices.

The staff are noted for being helpful, adding to the pleasant shopping experience.

Gallery One is particularly praised for its collection of Arabic cards, a rarity in the city.

It is a must-visit for those looking for special gifts or wanting to enjoy contemporary artwork.

Al-Andalus Mall

Al-Andalus Mall is a shopper’s haven with its eclectic mix of retail stores, eateries, and entertainment venues, set in a relaxed atmosphere.

Al-Andalus Mall in Jeddah stands out as a comprehensive shopping and entertainment destination.

The mall is known for its wide selection of international and local brands, appealing to diverse shoppers.

It also offers numerous entertaining areas and games, making it an ideal spot for family outings.

Food lovers can indulge in various international cuisines and unique local restaurants, each serving delicious meals that cater to different palates.

Strategically located, Al-Andalus Mall is easily accessible and offers various services, ensuring visitors’ smooth and enjoyable experience.

The mall’s environment is designed to be safe and comfortable, enhancing families’ overall shopping and entertainment journey.

The primary goal of Al-Andalus Mall is to provide a memorable experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere.

The mall’s commitment to offering comprehensive services ensures that every moment spent there is enjoyable and fulfilling.

King Abdullah Sports City

Experience the thrill of sports at King Abdullah Sports City, a state-of-the-art complex hosting various sporting events and activities.

King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah is highly praised for its high quality and vast sports facilities.

Visitors commend its efficient organization, ample parking, and easy access. 

The stadium, known for hosting major events like WWE and the Italian Supercoppa, provides a comfortable seating experience with plenty of legroom and various food options at reasonable prices. 

Despite being an outdoor stadium with no air conditioning, the experience is generally enjoyable, enhanced by good lighting, sound, and organized events. 

The main drawbacks noted by visitors include issues with seating arrangements and challenges with the heat during events. 

The stadium’s atmosphere during games is electric, with enthusiastic fans and top-notch facilities, making it a must-visit for football fans. 

The architectural design is impressive, adding to the overall positive experience. 

However, we suggest better organization in parking management and improvements in the stadium’s food and beverage quality. 

Overall, King Abdullah Sports City Stadium offers a memorable experience for sports enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Al-Jaffali Mosque

Al-Jaffali Mosque is known for its beautiful architecture and serves as a spiritual center for the local community in Jeddah.

The mosque near Balad, Jeddah, is highly regarded for its iconic status and beautiful architecture.

It offers a spacious prayer environment, complementing a surrounding garden and a scenic sea view.

Located at the heart of the busy Balad district on Madinah Road, the mosque is distinctive for its single-level structure and multiple small domes.

It is particularly popular among worshippers on Fridays and during Ramadan, with ample parking available for those from different city areas.

The mosque’s interior is simple yet elegant, providing a soothing atmosphere for worshippers.

Additionally, the mosque is noted for its location near Al-Arba’een Lake, offering a stunning view, especially at night.

The mosque also holds historical significance as it is known for being a site where public punishments are carried out, adding to its unique character in the city.

Al-Shallal Theme Park

Al-Shallal Theme Park offers exciting rides, an ice-skating rink, and themed areas for endless family fun.

Al-Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah offers a mix of experiences.

It has been praised for its location near Balad, sea views, and family-friendly activities.

Highlights include various games for kids and adults, a spacious mosque, and dining options.

However, there are concerns about safety, maintenance, and high prices.

Some visitors find it crowded and more suitable for families with children.

The park is recognized for its entertainment value but could benefit from improvements in customer service and safety measures.

The Jeddah Lighthouse

The Jeddah Lighthouse, one of the tallest in the world, offers breathtaking views of the Red Sea and the Jeddah skyline.

The Jeddah Lighthouse, known for being possibly the world’s tallest lighthouse, is a notable landmark in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

However, access to the lighthouse is restricted due to its location within the port area, and photography is prohibited for security reasons. 

Visitors often view and appreciate the lighthouse from a distance, especially at night when it is beautifully illuminated. 

Although it is not a tourist spot in the traditional sense, it is recognized for its impressive height and as an interesting feature on Jeddah’s skyline. 

People visiting the city often note the lighthouse and other landmarks like the Saudi Flag and seaport, especially when viewed from the Corniche or nearby hotels.

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