Why I love Thailand

Why I Love Thailand

I have visited Thailand more than I could count. I lived in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya Etc. 

If I stay away for more than a year, I feel missing Thailand. 

It always holds a special in my heart for several reasons. 

Most people ask me. Why do I ever visit Thailand often? Why don’t I explore other places which I have not explored yet?

Well, The answer is I feel at home. Thailand is probably the only place outside India where I feel most at home.

Here are the reasons why Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to visit:

1. Delicious Food

Thai cuisine is aromatic, and it is the national cuisine of Thailand. 

Thai cooking is lightly prepared dishes with durable aromatic components and a spicy edge. 

Your mouth dances with flavor when you eat. There are dishes, drinks, and styles in the country that you cannot get anywhere else. 

Several streets of Thailand are filled with stalls to serve the cheapest and best meals.

2. Weather

The best to visit Thailand is during the cold and dry season between November and early April when temperatures range from 84℉-97℉. 

However, the climate is always throughout the country, so that you can visit all year round. In Thailand, every day is a holiday.

3. Friendly Locals

Thai people are the best people I have ever encountered in the other country. 

Always positive, always smiling, extremely polite, and always helpful. They help if you are in trouble, They always greet you with a smile and a big hug. 

Feels safe to travel at night when every next person is willing to help you. 

Locals are great if they see families along with you. Once a friend, always a friend.

4. Travel Hub

Thailand is a junction for other neighboring countries. 

For example, it is 3 hours to Hong Kong, 2 hours to Singapore, 4 hours to Bali, and halfway between Australia and Europe. 

So you can get too many places quickly from Thailand, which is appealing for a traveler like me.

5. Bangkok

Bangkok is a suburban city, and you can travel with family. 

Huge shopping malls, events, great bars, and fantastic food, and it is easy to get around. 

I love cities and countries where there is always something amazing to do and have fun. 

No matter when and what time of the day of the week or month, you can always find something unusual and extraordinary things to do in Bangkok.

6. Cheap

Thailand is cheap to visit and affordable to stay in. I spent USD 4 for all my daily food, including some drinks and snacks. 

Most men from the street vendors cost USD 1. I can get a private room for USD 10 per night or a bungalow in front of the beach for USD 15 –USD 20. 

An apartment in downtown Bangkok costs USD 300 a month, which is still more significant than I need. 

Thailand offers incredible value for your money.

7. Islands

I love to watch beaches and swim for as long as I want. 

Thailand’s beaches developed very well. You will find a picture-perfect location on most of the island. 

I particularly like Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin Island, Coral Island, Ko Adang, and Ko Lanta.

8. Party Hub

Are you planning to get hitched soon? Well, which other place other than Pattaya would be a better place for your bachelor party? 

These best places for a bachelor party in Pattaya will make your night unforgettable. 

Pattaya is well known for its super cool nightlife. 

The blinking colorful streets of Pattaya are party goals. However, it would help if you did not miss attending the Thailand full moon party.

9. For Everyone

If you are a travel newbie or veteran backpacker, Thailand has something to keep you entertained. 

I always suggest Thailand for new travelers.


You can find it in Thailand no matter what kind of trip, holiday, or vacation you want.

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