Hazrat Syed Sadat Urs Ranebennur Karnataka

Hazrat Syed Sadat Urs Ranebennur Karnataka

Hazrat Syed Sadat was a respected and influential figure in the Islamic community.

His dargah, or shrine, in Ranebennur, Karnataka, is a popular destination for ziyarat, a pilgrimage to visit and pay respects at a holy site.

Once a year, Urs is held at the dargah, which is a multi-day celebration that involves prayer and commemorative rituals.

During Urs, thousands of people come from all over to pay their respects at the dargah and seek the blessings of Hazrat Syed Sadat.

It is a significant event in the Islamic community and an important time for spiritual reflection and devotion.

Hazrat Syed Sadat Urs

One of the best Islamic places to visit in and around Ranebennur city in Karnataka with family, and also to add to your travel bucket list

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