Hey Ladies, Here is Your Guide to Solo Travel in the US!

Hey Ladies, Here is Your Guide to Solo Travel in the US!

Discover the top 10 US destinations for solo female travelers! Find out where you can roam freely and safely and enjoy every minute.

Hey there, wonderful women around the world! 🌎

Do you dream of packing your bags and heading on a solo adventure but worry about safety? 

Well, worry no more because we have some exciting news for you!

Let us take a sneak peek into the incredible solo travel journey of Tammie Bernard and discover the safest places in the US for solo female travelers.

Tammie Bernard’s Fresh Start

Meet our superwoman, Tammie Bernard

After parting ways with her partner of six years, she decided to treat herself to a heart-healing solo adventure. 

The 59-year-old from Kentucky realized she could still enjoy her winter travels alone, even on a tighter budget, thanks to a friend who introduced her to TrustedHousesitters. 

This wonderful platform connects travelers with house and pet-sitting opportunities. 

And guess what? 

She loved it so much that she is already planning her next trip!

Guess what? 

Tammie is not alone in her newfound love for solo travel. 

According to a 2022 survey, a growing number of women are packing their bags and hitting the road solo. 

Moreover, 2023 has brought us some more good news from TrustedHousesitters. 

They reported a giant leap in solo overnight stays booked by women — a whopping 193% increase from 2021 to 2022. 

Hooray for solo lady travelers! 🎉

Safety First

We all know that venturing out solo can bring a few worries. 

Safety comes first, always! 

So, where to first? 

TrustedHousesitters did some serious homework to help us out. 

They checked all kinds of stuff like crime stats and how friendly the locals are in different states.

The Beautiful Northeast

Moreover, drumroll, please, the Northeast region came out tops! 

It has got lovely small towns and cool nature spots. 

Angela Laws from TrustedHousesitters gave it a big thumbs up, especially if you are a fan of pet-sitting.

Top 10 US States for Solo Female Adventure

All right, let us dive right in and check out the top 10 US states where you can enjoy a safe and fun solo trip:


  • Why go? Mountains, lakes, and ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory!
  • Feeling safe: It is the safest with super low violence rates.


  • Why go? It is a hub of history and has awesome art spots.
  • Friendly vibes: People here are super welcoming.


  • Why go? Beaches and beautiful old buildings.
  • Feeling safe: It is the second safest state.

Rhode Island

  • Why go? Ocean views and great seafood.
  • Friendly vibes: It has the highest safety rating for communities.


  • Why go? Aquariums, gardens, and yummy crab dishes.
  • Wifi-lovers: Super-fast internet everywhere!


  • Why go? Lakes and culture spots.
  • Friendly vibes: The friendliest state, yay!


  • Why go? Adventure sports and hot springs.
  • Feeling safe: It is among the safest spots for ladies.

New Hampshire

  • Why go? Mountains and sea – the best of both worlds!
  • Feeling safe: Very low violence rates here.


  • Why go? Beautiful beaches and volcanoes to explore.
  • Popular pick: Many solo female travelers choose this paradise.


  • Why go? Friendly locals and historic sites.
  • Friendly vibes: Super friendly folks to meet.

Ready, Set, Travel!

So, beautiful souls, what do you think? 

Are you feeling inspired to set out on your adventure like Tammie? 

With this list in your back pocket, you are all set for a safe, exciting, and fulfilling solo journey. 

Remember, solo does not mean lonely; it means fabulous and free! 

So plan your trip and embrace the beautiful experiences waiting for you! 

Safe travels, ladies! 💖

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