Japan Airlines Launches “Any Wear, Anywhere” Initiative to Reduce Carbon

Japan Airlines Launches “Any Wear, Anywhere” Initiative to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Japan Airlines (JAL) has unveiled a new initiative called “Any Wear, Anywhere,” aimed at reducing carbon emissions by minimizing the weight of their aircraft. 

As part of this initiative, the airline will introduce a clothing rental service for international travelers, allowing them to rent clothes during their stay in the country. 

The program, which will run until August 31, 2024, aims to promote sustainable tourism and offer travelers more environmentally friendly options.

Sustainable Travel Gaining Momentum

JAL recognizes the increasing interest in sustainable tourism and the growing desire among travelers to make eco-conscious choices. 

In response to these trends, the airline aims to offer a travel experience with minimal luggage by providing clothing rentals at the destination, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of their flights. 

In a statement, JAL emphasized the need for more sustainable options in the travel industry and expressed its commitment to creating environmental value through the “Any Wear, Anywhere” initiative.

Partnership with Sumitomo Corporation

To facilitate the clothing rental service, JAL has partnered with Sumitomo Corporation, a trusted and renowned company. 

Sumitomo Corporation will handle the clothes’ procurement, delivery, and laundering. 

JAL aims to promote a circular economy by sourcing items from excess apparel and pre-owned clothing stock, aligning with its sustainability goals.

Convenient Reservation Process

Travelers interested in renting clothing can easily reserve their desired items online.

During the reservation process, they must provide their JAL reference number and the address of their hotel or short-term rental. 

They make reservations at least one month before the departure date is recommended. 

The rented clothing can be used for a maximum period of two weeks.

A Variety of Clothing Sets

The rental service offers travelers a range of clothing sets tailored to different seasons and occasions. 

These sets are categorized as casual, smart casual, and a mix, allowing travelers to choose according to their preferences. 

The pricing for a basic rental package starts at 4,000 yen (approximately $27), which includes three tops and two bottoms.

Inspired by Rent the Runway

JAL is one of many airlines to introduce clothing rentals for travelers. In 2021, Rent the Runway collaborated with Tripadvisor Plus to launch a closet concierge program, enabling members to request designer clothing delivered to their hotel. 

Renting dresses for vacations, whether delivered to the destination or not, provides several advantages, including the ability to experiment with new styles without commitment, pack more consciously, and save time on laundry upon returning home.

Japan Airlines’ “Any Wear, Anywhere” initiative marks a significant step towards a more sustainable travel industry. 

By offering clothing rentals, JAL aims to reduce the weight of its aircraft, thereby decreasing carbon emissions. 

This initiative aligns with global efforts to promote sustainable tourism and provides travelers with convenient and eco-friendly choices during their trips to Japan.

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