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How To Find Job In Travel Shows? Travelxp, TLC, NDTV, Discovery

Learn how to land a job in travel shows on Travelxp, TLC, NDTV, and Discovery channels. Discover the requirements, application process, and challenges involved in pursuing a career as a travel show host. Increase your chances of success with our step-by-step guide.


Travel enthusiasts often dream of working in travel shows and exploring new destinations while sharing their experiences.

Channels like Travelxp, TLC, NDTV, and Discovery offer exciting opportunities for aspiring hosts. 

However, breaking into this industry requires certain qualities, preparation, and dedication. 

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to apply for a job in travel shows and the requirements and challenges you may encounter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying

  1. Research: Before applying for a job in a travel company, gather information about the show’s production house, the producer, or the co-hosts. Explore the company’s website and follow its social media accounts to stay updated on the latest news.
  2. Contact Production Houses: Many travel shows also have Indian production houses. Reach out to them and express your interest in the specific role you aspire to. Websites often have a career section where you can submit your work or application.
  3. Utilize Professional Platforms: Consider utilizing platforms like, which lists both Indian and international opportunities in the film and video industry. These platforms can help you find relevant assignments and job openings.


  1. Excellent Communication Skills: Strong communication skills and a wide-ranging vocabulary are essential to become a travel show host. Being able to engage and connect with the audience is crucial for success.
  2. Degree in Tourism: A degree in Tourism can provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the industry, destinations, and travel trends.
  3. General Knowledge: Staying up-to-date on general knowledge, particularly the historical specifics of different places, is crucial. While fact-checkers may assist you on the job, showcasing your research and homework during the application process can be impressive.
  4. Passion for Travel: Demonstrate a genuine passion for travel and adventure. Highlight your travel experiences, even if limited to your home country, to show your understanding of travel culture and your willingness to explore.
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Additional Advantages

  1. Personal Blog: Maintaining an interesting blog focused on travel experiences can showcase your storytelling abilities and dedication to the travel industry.
  2. Published Articles: If you have already written and published travel-related articles, share them as evidence of your writing skills and expertise.
  3. YouTube Channel and Instagram: An engaging YouTube channel or an Instagram feed with a decent number of followers can demonstrate your ability to create compelling visual content and attract an audience.
  4. Creative Work: Any prior creative work, such as photography, videography, or graphic design, can add value to your application and highlight your versatility.
  5. Prior Work Experience: Previous experience in related fields like short-acting, modeling or other media roles can contribute to your profile and demonstrate your ability to work in front of the camera.


  1. Flexibility: Be prepared to be flexible with your time and location. Some travel show jobs may require you to adapt to different schedules and travel extensively.
  2. Financial Considerations: Not all travel show jobs offer high pay in the initial stages. Be prepared to manage your finances accordingly. Free travel perks may compensate for the lower salary.
  3. Personal Commitments: Travel show jobs often demand minimal personal commitments. Having an understanding family who can support you during the job search and provide financial assistance is crucial.


Pursuing a career in travel shows is difficult, but with determination and the right preparation, you can increase your chances of success. 

Remember to keep trying and never give up on your dreams.

While not all travel show, jobs offer high salaries initially, having some savings can help fuel your aspirations. 

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Good luck in your journey to becoming a travel show host!


How can I find job opportunities in travel shows?

Research and follow travel channels’ websites and social media accounts like Travelxp, TLC, NDTV, and Discovery.
Reach out to production houses associated with these shows.
Utilize professional platforms like to find relevant opportunities.

Do I need a degree in Tourism to work in travel shows?

While a degree in Tourism can provide a solid foundation of knowledge, it is only sometimes a mandatory requirement. However, having relevant education and an understanding of the industry can be advantageous.

What are the key requirements to become a travel show host?

Excellent communication skills and a wide vocabulary.
Up-to-date general knowledge, especially about historical specifics of different places.
A genuine passion for travel and a willingness to experience new adventures.
Personal travel experiences to demonstrate your understanding of travel culture.

What additional advantages can enhance my chances of getting a job in travel shows?

Maintaining an interesting personal blog focused on travel.
Publishing articles related to travel.
Running an engaging YouTube channel or Instagram feed.
Showcasing any prior creative work.
Having previous work experience in related fields.

What challenges should I be prepared for in the travel show industry?

Flexibility with time and location due to extensive travel requirements.
Potential financial constraints, as not all travel show jobs offer high salaries initially.
Minimal personal commitments, as these jobs may demand significant dedication and availability.

Is it easy to break into the travel show industry?

Pursuing a career in travel shows requires dedication and persistence.
Success may take time, but it is achievable with the right preparation and perseverance.

How can I improve my chances of success?

Keep trying, and do not give up on your dreams.
Continuously improve your skills and knowledge in the travel industry.
Network with professionals in the field and seek guidance or mentorship.

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