Job In Travel Shows

How To Find Job In Travel Shows? Travelxp, TLC, NDTV, Discovery

Job In Travel Shows – You do not find them; channels find you.

I crave such an opportunity! However, of course, not only me but every travel geek would also be dying to do such travel jobs. 

Also, movies like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and other Bollywood films have triggered the travel beast in each individual. 

It is difficult to pursue a career in travel, and not everyone can achieve it in the first go.

Job In Travel Shows

Below are a few things one should possess to become a host in these international travel networks. 

They are channels like any other. If you are keen to be part of their production, the best way is explained below, step by step, to get a job in travel shows.

Before applying for a job in any travel company, ensure you have a passport; if you have the best passport, it is well and good.

How to Apply?

  • All the information is available online on their respective websites.
  • Try to find out about the show’s production house, the show’s producer, or the other co-hosts.
  • Follow all the social media accounts of the show or company before applying for the job. 
  • Following social media accounts will be helpful to know the latest updates on the show or company.
  • Several programs have Indian production houses too.
  • You have got to get in touch with them and apply for the profile you seek.
  • Apply through websites. They all have a career section on their website where you can send in your work.
  • Use It is a platform for professional assignments in films and videos. 
  • They list Indian and International opportunities.


  • Excellent communication skills & useful vocabulary
  • A degree in Tourism
  • Should be up-to-date on general knowledge – precisely the historical specifics of places, (Once you are on the job, you might have fact-checkers, but to land there, you should do some homework)
  • An inward-flowing passion for traveling and never experiencing adventures.
  • You must have traveled to many places, at least within the home country, to show yourself as one who is aware of the travel culture and loves to do it.

Added Advantage

  • An interesting personal blog
  • Already published articles
  • An interesting youtube channel
  • An amazing Instagram feed with a handful of followers
  • Little creative work
  • Prior work experience
  • Short-acting or modeling skills
  • A knowledge of exploring and learning


  • Should be flexible with time, place, and most important – MONEY (not all such jobs are well paid, at least in the initial days.) Your perks will be free of cost traveling.
  • Should have minimal / no personal commitments. Personal responsibilities are the most significant barrier – many suppress their love for traveling or get stuck in this phase.
  • An understanding of the family is very crucial for this kind of job. Financial help will be required in the stage of searching job.


Job In Travel Shows – It is not easy to pursue a career in travel, and not everyone can achieve it in the first go.


Not all such jobs are well paid, at least in the initial days.

Have some savings to fuel your dreams

All The Best!

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