Shopping In Bangalore or Bengaluru

Shopping In Bangalore Or Bengaluru

Bengaluru, popularly known as Bangalore, gives buyers plenty of options.

Likewise, this city offers something for everyone, from street shopping to expensive malls.

Some markets like City Market, Banashankari Market, Majestic Market, and K.R. Market are the oldest, and they are heritage sites in themselves and worth visiting even if there is no need to buy anything.

Shopping In Bangalore

Here is the list of places to do shopping in Bangalore or Bengaluru :

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is a must-visit market in Bangalore, especially for street shopping.

This small street is loaded with shops selling artificial jewelry, clothes, spices, and home décors. Also, It is an excellent place for delicious food.

Bargaining skills are required while shopping in Bangalore

Chickpet Market

The Chickpet market in Bangalore is known for its range of sarees collections.

Also, the People of Bangalore believe that the Chickpet market has the most fabulous collection of sarees in the whole of Bangalore.

Prices are not fixed, and bargaining as much as possible is recommended.

Avenue Road

Avenue Road is the dream street for book lovers and is known for its bookshops and street-side bookstalls.

However, You can find brand-new books as well as second-hand books in many different languages.

The street is also famous for jewelry shopping.

While buying jewelry is recommended to verify the products

Malleswaram Market

Malleswaram market is seen as beautiful in the mornings. The fresh flower fragrance in the air is a beauty in itself.

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Malleswaram Market is a hub for all types of flowers ranging from less to higher cost.

Flowers like roses, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums for flower arrangements to marigolds and mogras for pujas and festivals are readily available.

If required to buy flowers, it is recommended to do flower shopping in the early morning.

Brigade Road

Brigade Road is one of the popular destinations for branded materials.

Besides, from handicrafts to electronics, one can find lots to shop on brigade road.

However, there are also several low-cost outlets for clothes.

Shops in Brigade Raod are all fixed-price showrooms.

It is recommended to go shopping on brigade road during festivals and public holidays.

Jayanagar 4th Block

One famous and decent residential area in Bangalore is Jayanagar 4th Block.

It has a market on Sundays, famous in Bangalore and soundings.

Besides, Jayanagar 4th Block market is known for female accessories shopping.

Bargaining on each product is highly recommended


Check Bangalore malls for branded clothes, shoes, lifestyle products, or other electronic gadgets.

Some of the best-known malls in Bangalore are the VR Mall, Forum Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, Garuda Mall, and Mantri Mall.

Along with retail outlets for well-known big brands, these malls also have food courts and movie theatres, making them excellent places for family outings.

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