Meet Melissa – Broken Backpack

Meet Melissa – Broken Backpack

Melissa is a Canadian doll, basically from Quebec. Melissa used to be a social worker and traveled only once a year for a month.

In June 2014, Melissa started a journey around the world at 25.

It would be best if YOU caught her on Snapchat or Youtube. 

She is either hitchhiking through SE Asia or sharing her travel secret. 

She is talented and has proven that hard work pays off.

Why should you follow Melissa from A Broken Backpack?

  • A Broken Backpack offers excellent travel tips to help you stay on the road longer.
  •  Melissa left Canada with less than CAD 2,000 in Melissa’s name.
  •  Melissa proves that you do not need any savings to make your travel dreams come true.
  •  Melissa learned how to travel on the very cheap and volunteered when Melissa needed to
  •  Melissa created an online business to support Melissa’s travel abroad.
  •  Melissa shared all these tips on A Broken Backpack.

Melissa has been published in Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog, and TRAVEL WITH THOUSIF

Melissa is a natural female backpacker and inspiration, and you can check out Melissa’s Blog: A Broken Backpack.

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