Meet Melissa – Broken Backpack

Meet Melissa – Broken Backpack

Discover Melissa Giroux’s inspiring journey from social worker to global traveler. Dive into ‘A Broken Backpack’ for budget-friendly travel tips and tales.

From Social Worker to Globetrotter

Melissa Giroux, originally from QuebecCanada, had a simple life. 

She used to work as a social worker and would allow herself just one travel spree a year, lasting for a month. 

However, in June 2014, at age 25, Melissa embarked on a life-altering journey around the globe.

Melissa’s Adventures: Beyond The Norm

Currently stationed in Canada and with her base in Chiang Mai, this long-term traveler and entrepreneur is not just your average traveler. 

When she is not sharing her secret travel hacks, she is probably hitchhiking through SE Asia or getting fit as an avid CrossFitter 🏋️‍♀️

Want a sneak peek into her adventures? 

It is recommended to catch her on Snapchat or YouTube.

A Broken Backpack: Travel Dreams on a Budget

Have you ever wondered how someone could travel with little to no savings? 

Melissa proves it is possible. 

She began her journey with less than CAD 2,000 in her pocket. 

She learned the art of budgeting through her travels, often volunteering when funds ran low. 

However, Melissa’s journey was not just about traveling cheap; she turned her passion into an enterprise. 

She started an online business with dedication and hard work to sustain her globetrotting lifestyle. 

And the best part? 

She shares all these budget-friendly travel tips and tricks on her blog, A Broken Backpack.

Recognition and Achievements

Melissa’s passion and dedication have not gone unnoticed. 

She has been published in esteemed platforms such as the Huffington PostMatador NetworkThought Catalog, and TRAVEL WITH THOUSIF.

Why Follow Melissa?

Melissa is not just a traveler but an inspiration, especially for females who aspire to backpack worldwide. 

A Broken Backpack is a testament to her adventures and a goldmine of tips for those who dream of traveling but are held back by financial constraints.

In the end, as Melissa has shown, anything is possible with the right mindset, passion, and hard work. 

Melissa’s blog, A Broken Backpack, is the place to start for those who dream of adventures and explorations.

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