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70 Latest Blog Post Ideas

The major challenge for travel bloggers is finding the topic for writing blogs. In this article, I have shared the latest blog post ideas.

Here is a list of topics, so you will always have content, even when you are stuck at home!

Travel Tips And Hacks

  1. How to organize your solo, couple, and group trip
  2. Packing tips to make travel easier
  3. How to stay healthy when you travel and how to take better photos and videos
  4. Tips for airline and road trips
  5. What you won’t leave home without
  6. Your favorite travel apps, snacks, and accessories
  7. What to do when reservations go wrong and how to find a local guide
  8. How to travel with pets
  9. How to move to a place when you don’t know the language

Budget And Money

  1. How to stretch your travel budget
  2. Brilliant hacks for cheaper travel
  3. How to save money on hotels rental/hostels/home rentals
  4. Precisely what you spent when you traveled to _
  5. Budget __: Is it worth it? (budget bus, airlines, suitcases, etc.)
  6. How to search hotel and airline coupon code
  7. How to find travel sponsors
  8. Saving money on food
  9. How to convert currency
  10. How to receive emergency cash and international credit cards

Lessons Learned

  1. Ten mistakes you made (and what you do now)
  2. What do you wish you’d known when __
  3. Places you’d never go again
  4. What happened when you forgot __ at home
  5. learn about yourself through travel?
  6. Things I lost on my travel
  7. How locals fooled me
  8. Why should you not trust anyone when you travel internationally
  9. Personal database, which you should never share with strangers on an international trip
  10. Places where my country people are not allowed

Travel Blogger Life

  1. How often does a travel blogger travel?
  2. How does a travel blogger or site pay for all those trips?
  3. Your favorite hashtags
  4. Your Instagram strategy
  5. How do travel bloggers decide where to go and when?
  6. How do you satisfy your wanderlust when you are at home
  7. Tips on how travel bloggers make friends on the road
  8. Do you have a routine while traveling?
  9. What do you do when you’re homesick?
  10. What travel bloggers want for a present this year (gift guide)

Personal Travel Experience

  1. What was your first trip? When did you start traveling?
  2. Your favorite travel splurges
  3. Your favorite childhood trips / first memory of vacations
  4. A truly lonely time traveling
  5. When you realize travel changed your life
  6. The time you fell in love while traveling
  7. What made you a solo traveler
  8. The best person whom you want to meet while traveling
  9. What is that one dirty secret
  10. Told these many lies to travel

Travel Inspiration

  1. Why do you travel
  2. Your top 10 favorite trips
  3. Why do you bring children when you travel to another country
  4. Future travel wish list / Bucket list destinations
  5. Exploring your hometown
  6. Your favorite books about travel
  7. What do you miss at home when you travel to another country
  8. What inspires you about travel
  9. Favourite travel quotes
  10. Where do you go to get ideas on what to do, where to go, and where to stay?

Random Travel Posts

  1. Your favorite foods from around the world
  2. Your all-time favorite hotels
  3. Your favorite foods from home
  4. The weirdest things you’ve eaten while traveling
  5. The funniest things you’ve done while traveling
  6. The most underrated beaches/destinations/cities/etc.
  7. Best destinations for couples
  8. Popular places to visit
  9. Worst places to visit? Is it worth places?
  10. Travel news updates

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