Kodinhi village twins reason - Facts, Twins, Malappuram, Kerala

Kodinhi Village Twins Reason – Malappuram, Kerala

Watching a group of children traveling to school wearing a uniform, they look the same. The confusing situation may come across in the village of Twins in Kerala – Kodinhi, Malappuram District.

A mysterious place in India, where whichever couple visits are blessed with twin children.

How to reach

For all those who like twins, here is a place that can be given a try from whichever corner of the world:

  • The fastest way to reach this place is by flight
  • Book a flight to Calicut International Airport
  • Book a cab or private vehicle from the Calicut International Airport, which is 40 km.

Malappuram is a district in the Indian state of Kerala. Kodinhi is a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala, India.

The town is situated close to the city of Tirurangadi.

The city came to international attention for the significant number of multiple births in the region.

How is Kodinhi Village Internationally Popular

Kodinhi Village has received much international recognition owing to the continuous birth of twins.

What is the phenomenon of giving a twin birth

The aspect of giving twin birth is chemicals mixed in water, as said by the villagers.

However, the older generation thinks that the phenomenon of providing twin birth is a curse.

Moreover, the village youths believe that giving twin birth is a blessing.

What do the children of Kodinhi say

  • It is excellent to be twins; we trick our teachers & friends
  • Opportunity to swap classes
  • Wrote brother’s examinations
  • Double chances to play after we trick our physical education teachers
  • Agreed on a date with brother’s ex-girlfriend


However, the scientific reason for the village of twins has yet to be discovered. The possible reason for the twin miracle could be the food and drink taken by the villagers.

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