Humans As Puppets In Nagoro Village Of Japan

Humans As Puppets In Nagoro Village Of Japan

Japan’s village Nagoro has more dolls than humans, the village where the dead are reborn as puppets.

Nagoro is a village on Shikoku island, one of Japan’s four most famous islands. 

The main attraction of the village Nagoro is the dolls that can be seen in the form of humans all over the village. 

Today, these dolls are the face of the village.

How are dolls placed in Nagora Village?

Dolls in the shape of a student sitting on the bench in front of books at school, dolls in the shape of a young man boarding a bus, a doll in the shape of a man going fishing with a hat, a doll in the shape of a working woman so everywhere you look, the village is full of dolls. 

Japan probably has more dolls than humans.

All human beings who die or leave the country are believed to come back and live in Nagoro as puppets.

Who is Tsukimi Ayano?

When it comes to the village of Nagoro and the puppets, Tsukimi Ayano is a man who will never be left out. 

Tsukimi Ayano moved from Nagoro to the city of Osaka in his youth. He spent his youth in the city and returned to Nagoro at fifty.

Tsukimi Ayano was shocked by the sights of the village when he returned. 

Unfortunately, many Nagoro village people have been left and displaced for various reasons, such as unemployment and insecurity. 

As a result, many died from their injuries. However, by the time Tsukimi Ayano returned, there were only 35 people left.

Of the total 35 people living in Nagora village, loneliness was the most experienced. 

So Tsukimi Ayano started making dolls to escape loneliness, and the idea was to spend time. 

Tsukimi Ayano was the first to make a doll in the shape of his dead father. 

The doll was made of cotton and straw in the same shape and size as the father. 

Then everything from family and friends to dolls was made by Tsukimi Ayano.

Nagoro village in Japan

Today, dolls are the main attraction of the village. Today there are more dolls than humans in Japan’s Nagora Village.

According to a report released in 2020, there are about 350 dolls here. 

Dolls are available here at the rate of ten dolls per person.

Valley without children There are no children in this valley today. 

That is why the schools here are also closed.

 Ayano’s dolls are the main attraction of Japan’s Nagora Village.


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