Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls Places To Visit In Karnataka For NRI’s

Karnataka is a state in southwest India surrounded by the Arabian sea. The Iruppufalls are in the Brahmagiri Range in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, India.

Iruppu Falls is a lovely place to visit with family, co-workers, or friends.

In Iruppu falls, nearby waterfalls, homestays, and cottages are available for much less.

Although there is an entry charge towards the waterfall, the walk/hike takes approx 20-30 minutes one way.

Also, they have provisions for changing rooms separately for women and men.


Remember to try the local alcohol, sleep on the floor surrounded by bushes, and watch the stars in the sky at night. Also, All the cottages are well equipped to play.


Non-vegetarian cuisine is mouthwatering. Local Coorg people in Iruppufalls prefer spicy food.


The drive to this place itself is fantastic takes through the Misty Mountains and lush coffee plantations.

Unfortunately, this place is situated in the lap of mother nature.

However, the drive is quite refreshing and worth it.


The humid climate and the air are super fresh, and the walk through a forest and wildlife zone is fantastic.


Be careful and do not go off-roading into the forest, as there are many king cobras and animals in the region.


For travel Bloggers or someone who always wants to stay connected to the internet, carry the BSNL SIM card. It is a good option because other mobile networks may not work.


All around the city, there are colorful photography spots. However, most tourists prefer to shoot the green beauty of nature, and Iruppu Falls is outstanding.

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How to go to Iruppu Falls from Bangalore?

Iruppu Falls is in Coorg. Coorg is around 300 kilometers away from Bangalore and takes around 6 hours from Bangalore.

Traveling by car is the best option, but there is also an option to travel by public transportation.

Where to stay in Coorg?

Cottages, villas, homestays, hostels, and hotels are options to stay in Coorg.

Are there any friendly accommodation options in Coorg?

Yes, there are many pet-friendly cottages in Coorg and around Iruppu falls.

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