Exploring America's Most Expensive Tourist Destinations

Exploring America’s Most Expensive Tourist Destinations

Explore the priciest tourist spots in the U.S. and discover why Seattle and Aspen are on the list. Get tips on how to save while enjoying these incredible destinations.

America’s Most Expensive Tourist Destinations

If you have ventured out recently, you know that everything is expensive, including vacations.

However, sometimes, the cost is worth it to explore some of the world’s best destinations.

Among these, the most expensive city in the U.S. might surprise you—it is not New York.

The Most Expensive Cities to Visit in the U.S.

In 2023, GoBankingRates compiled a list of the most expensive tourist destinations in the United States.

The list was created by reviewing popular tourist attractions, calculating food and drink costs, hotel rates, and average airfare.

The goal was determining which destination would be the most costly for travelers.

Seattle: The Second-Most Expensive Destination

According to the findings, Seattle is the second-most expensive destination in America, making it technically the most expensive city to visit.

Despite its high costs, Seattle offers tips for budget-friendly travel.

For example, travelers can use the Link light rail instead of Uber or Lyft. The light rail connects popular sites like Chinatown and Pioneer Square, with a stop at the airport.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for a three-night stay in Seattle:

Hotel (3 nights)$471.00

Aspen: The Most Expensive Destination

While Seattle is pricey, Aspen, Colorado, is even more expensive.

Aspen’s status as a city or town is debated, with its official site calling it the “City of Aspen” and its Chamber of Commerce referring to it as an “inviting mountain town.” Despite this debate, OptimosTravel recognizes Aspen as the most expensive place to visit.

According to OptimosTravel, the total daily cost in Aspen is $761.39 per person, which is $5,329.72 for a seven-day trip per person.

Comparison of Costs: Seattle vs. Aspen

Despite the high costs, the experiences in Seattle and Aspen are priceless, offering unique attractions and unforgettable memories.

ExpenseSeattle (3 nights)Aspen (7 days)
Airfare$839.70Not specified


In summary, whether you’re exploring Seattle’s urban landscapes or Aspen’s mountainous beauty, be prepared for the expenses associated with these top-tier destinations.

Planning ahead and utilizing budget-friendly tips allows you to enjoy these incredible locations without breaking the bank.

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