Meet Daniel - Dan Flying Solo

Meet Daniel James Clarke – Dan Flying Solo

Daniel James Clarke was never a big fan of the traditional corporate life, with its endless cubicles and 9 to 5 routine. 

So, when the opportunity to leave it all behind presented itself, he grabbed it with both hands. 

Today, Daniel James Clarke is a successful travel blogger, photographer, videographer, travel writer, and creative director. 

He shares his experiences with the world and provides helpful tips for fellow travelers on his Dan Flying Solo travel blog.

The Journey to Becoming a Travel Blogger

Daniel’s journey to becoming a professional traveler and blogger started nearly five years ago. 

He had always been interested in aviation and travel, but in his early twenties, he discovered his passion. 

He started his blog in 2013 to keep his family informed of his trips. 

Little did he know it would grow into a platform with over a million page views a year.

In 2014, Daniel quit his job as a restaurant manager in London and set off on a one-way ticket to Indonesia. 

Unfortunately, he fell in love with someone shortly before his trip and hoped for the best. 

However, Daniel was flying solo, and this is how the name of his blog, “Dan Flying Solo,” came to be.

Learning New Skills

Daniel’s travels and experiences helped him to learn new skills, including photography and web design. 

He took free online courses and watched YouTube videos to develop his skills further. 

These new skills opened up new opportunities for him, including photography and videography work for his media company in Portugal.

Daniel’s travels are about education and meeting new people. 

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He usually travels solo, which makes it easier for him to connect with locals and get an inside look at a destination. 

He tries to focus on good value travel, which does not always mean cheap but means getting the most out of what you spend and the trip you plan. 

A Wide Range of Cultural

Daniel is interested in a wide variety of cultures and countries, so his blog does not focus on one particular continent.

Dan’s favorite part of traveling is the people he meets along the way. 

He always has his camera in hand, trying to blag his way through a conversation in a language he may not understand. 

However, instead, he invites anyone who sees him to come to say hi.

Restaurant Manager to Professional Traveler

So, there you have it, the story of Daniel James Clarke, aka Dan Flying Solo, from a restaurant manager to a professional traveler and blogger. 


Daniel’s photography has also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel, TRAVEL WITH THOUSIF, and Matador Network.


If you are curious about Daniel’s travels or want some helpful tips for your trips, be sure to check out his blog.

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