Countries Changed Names

10 Countries That Have Changed Their Names

There are many things that average minds cannot understand the reason behind the country’s name change.

For example, severing ties with its past, commemorating a noted leader, geographical divide, wars, and others can be some of the reasons for the name change.

Many countries have adopted new names long back, while others may have done it only recently. However, changing a nation’s name is not easy.

Besides the heavy cost involved, high-level government talks, a consensus from the majority, and various deliberations are needed.

Besides these, there are other complications like changing license plates, altering government letterheads and official signages, changing military and sports uniforms, and, notably, changing local currencies.

Countries Changed Names

Here are the countries that have changed their names over time:

The Republic of Macedonia to The Republic of North Macedonia

State spokesman Mile Boshnjakovski said that the country could be referred to as North Macedonia.

Holland to The Netherlands

The rebranding of the country name cost around USD 319,000

Swaziland to the Kingdom of Eswatini

It is just the translation of Swaziland into the country’s local language.

The Czech Republic adopted Czechia.

During the split of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia was split into two further countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in 1993.

Irish Free State to Ireland

After the country gained independence from the British empire in 1922, its Constitution was adopted in 1937 and specified Ireland as a new official name.

Burma to Myanmar

In 1989, its leading military government changed its name from Burma to Myanmar.

The Republic of Zaire to The Democratic Republic of Congo

This central African country has undergone several name changes over its history.

Ceylon to Sri Lanka

In the ancient epic Ramayana, the island’s name is mentioned as Lanka.

Democratic Kampuchea to the Kingdom of Cambodia

Like Sri Lanka, Cambodia has been through several name changes.

Cape Verde to Republic of Cabo Verde

Cape Verde officially replaced its name with the Republic of Cabo Verde.

Why do countries change names?

Countries may change their names for a variety of reasons. 

For example, some countries may change their names to reflect a change in their political or social systems, such as when a country becomes a republic or gains independence from another country. 

Other countries may change their names to reflect a shift in their cultural or linguistic identity or to distance themselves from negative connotations associated with their previous name. 

In some cases, countries may change their names to reflect more accurately the diversity of their people or the geography of their land.

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