Biryani lovers, do not miss these famous for biryani city in India

Biryani lovers, do not miss these famous for biryani city in India

Everywhere in India, one in three people claim Biryani as their favourite dish. Biryani has become an international dish today, with its stores spread worldwide, especially in the southern parts of Asia. Besides, Biryani, with its excellent flavour and exotic taste, no doubt, the Biryani dominate every rice lover’s taste buds.
Biryani lovers, do not miss these famous for biryani city in India
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No matter which part of the world, biryani lovers will indeed find great places with this delicious rice dish’s aroma. Various biryani varieties are made throughout the Indian subcontinent, and each type differs depending on the type of condiments, spices, and meat or vegetables.
Do you always crave for a biryani? Well, here we listed out the most important places in India where you can satisfy your hunger for this delicious dish.
  1. Delhi
  2. Lucknow
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Kolkata
Let us get started

1. Delhi

Delhi is the perfect city for all the geeks. Delhi is the place to meet the end of their desires, be it about their daily life, shopping, or food.
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Delhi is known for its Mughal cuisine. Delhi is sometimes thought of as Biryani’s birthplace during the Mughal period. It is believed that Biryani was started during the times of Shah Jahan. Since then, the exponential progress in the taste and flavour of this delicious dish has been consistent.

Briyani is served with pepper, and the quality of the Moghlai biryani can be enjoyed in most of Delhi’s cities. Though the Moghlai Biryani has its fixed ingredients, almost every part of the town has a unique cooking style. Nizamuddin Biryani cooked with limited meat and spices, Shahjahanabad Biryani cooked with healthier mutton, and Achar Biryani are made in Delhi.

Places to Taste Briyani in Delhi and surroundings

There are many places in Delhi where travellers can enjoy Biryani’s unique taste, such as:
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Jama Masjid
  • National Market

2. Lucknow

Lucknow is famous for its royal hospitality and period cuisine. The city of Nawabs is referred to as one of the oldest and delicious Biryani sites in the world. No visitor can stay without tasting Biryani in Lucknow and enjoy the crisp kebabs.
Biryani lovers, do not miss these famous for biryani city in India
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Lucknowi Biryani is served on the streets and around the city. The period of Lucknow Biryani differs from other Biryani in terms of cooking style and service style. Being the Nawab’s city, one can expect the dish to be served royally.
Lucknowi Briyani is cooked in the following style: the rice and meat are cooked separately in the dum style and then filled with the main ingredients. Biryani’s speciality is how it is cooked in the slow oven, enhancing the taste and richness of the ingredients used.

Places to Taste Briyani in Lucknow

The places where you can enjoy Biryani’s authentic flavours in Lucknow are:
  • Chaupatian Chowk
  • Gomati Nagar
  • Bangla Bazaar

3. Hyderabad

It is objectionable that Hyderabad did not include the Biryani capital of India in this list of top Biryani sites. Hyderabad, famous for its Charminar, is best known for its culinary skills.
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If you are hungry and crave to enjoy India’s best non-vegetarian dishes, you should head to Hyderabad’s oldest streets. Here, you can savour the excellence of Biryani.
The style of making the dish is entirely different here. Before the rice is cooked, the meat is soaked in the spice solution for hours, and then the flavoured rice is added to it, absorbing all the flavours. As a result, it helps bring authentic flavours.

Places to Taste Briyani in Hyderabad

The excellent places to explore your taste buds with Biryani in Hyderabad:
  • Nallakunta
  • Charminar
  • Saifabad

4. Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its potato biryani. The first Biryani in Kolkata was made in the 19th century. Potatoes and eggs in Biryani The poor people of this state could not afford to use meat. As a result, it is responsible for many different types of Biryani.
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The speciality of the ingredients and spices used in making this savoury dish is Kolkata Biryani.

The use of cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves on one side isolates its flavour, and the rice-flavoured rice with saffron enhances the richness of the taste on the other. Overall, it gives the Biryani a unique and mouth-watering taste.

Places to Taste Briyani in Kolkata

Places to enjoy different biryani types in Kolkata include:
  • Park Street
  • Salt Lake
  • Bidhan chain
  • Lake Gardens


These are the major biryani destinations in India, where you can explore your tongue’s taste with a variety of Biryani. However, If you are a foodie and a Sureshot biryani-lover, you must visit these places. Do not miss any chance to taste the finest Biryani.

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